Gold in Maryland

Relatively few people know about the amount of gold that has been discovered in Maryland. As with much of the gold bearing states along the east coast, most gold strikes were quickly overshadowed by larger strikes in California and other western states. While the gold in Maryland certainly doesnít compare, there is still opportunities for gold prospectors to find gold worth panning in certain areas throughout the state.

The majority of the gold that has been recovered here is found in the northern and central parts of the state. Unlike much of the gold on the east coast which are limited to glacial deposits, there are actually lode gold deposits present here, with several dozen mines that have been worked since the original discovery of gold. Gold mining has been going on here since the mid 1800ís, with peak recorded production of over 1000 ounces of gold just prior to World War II. While most mines in Maryland are now abandoned, at one time they were actively recovering gold from hardrock sources. Prospectors today should focus near areas with past mining activity. Most success will be found around old mine sites or immediately downstream of known gold deposits.

Several old mines locations are actually within a few miles of the US Capitol Building. Most of the gold from Maryland has come from around the Great Falls area on the Potomac River. Other areas worth investigation include Libertytown in Frederick County, Catonsville in Baltimore County, and the areas around Woodbine and Simpsonville in Howard County.

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As previously mentioned, some gold here may be found in specimen form as small veins and wires scattered amongst quartz rock. Donít expect anything huge, but it is possible to find a nice gold in quartz specimen. Panning will most likely result in finer placer gold.

Be mindful that the vast majority of Maryland is private lands, so landowner permission would most likely need to be attained. There may be some state owned lands that would allow prospecting but you will want to check with the Maryland Forest and Park Service before you do any digging.

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