Sell us your Gold

Sell us your Gold
Have you got gold nuggets that you would like to sell? We are always looking for large quantities of gold nuggets to purchase.

If you've got a collection to sell and would like to get a quote from us, take some good quality photos and send them to us along with the total weight of the gold nuggets. We can give you a quote for your collection and give you details on how to ship your gold to us. After receiving your gold we will weigh and authenticate it, and get a check sent to you within 48 hours.

Click here for Detailed Shipping Instructions

We encourage folks to check around when selling their gold nuggets. As a business that values the collectable value of gold nuggets, we are confident that we can offer prices better than refineries, pawn shops and cash-for-gold type businesses that are only interested in melting your hard earned gold nuggets. Read our article about selling your gold nuggets for more information.

Gold Rush Nuggets is only interested in purchasing natural gold nuggets and specimens, just as they were found in nature. We DO NOT deal in gold jewelry, melted gold, fake gold, or any type of scrap gold. We are ONLY interested in natural gold, as it is found in nature.

***If you are contacting us because you have a collection of gold nuggets for sale, please EMAIL us some pictures before calling. We won't be able to tell you if we are interested or not without actually seeing what you have. Please include several pictures including something for size reference and the approximate weights. If you call without first emailing pictures, there's a good chance that I won't respond.***

For more information contact us through our Contact Page or send us an email.

*** If you have some gold to sell and live in the Northwest (Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Northern California, etc.) and you would rather have a face-to-face transaction, let us know. We may be willing to travel to buy larger quantities of gold. ***