11.75 Gram Alaska Gold Nugget (SOLD)

11.75 Gram Alaska Gold Nugget (SOLD)
Item# n126

Product Description

Origin: Hogatza River, Alaska
Weight: 11.75 Grams

This beautiful gold nugget was recently found at a very remote placer mining operation located near the tiny "town" of Hogatza, Alaska. This is part of the Hughes Mining District, a minor district which includes parts of Bear Creek, Hogatza River and the Koyukuk River. Not only is this a rare location to get gold from, but this is also some of the purest gold that comes out of Alaska. Assays of gold from this district have run as high as 94% purity which is unheard of for Alaskan gold. Judging from the rich color of this gold I expect this is likely in that range.

This gold nugget weighs 11.75 grams and it will make a nice addition to your gold collection. The penny in the photo is for size reference only. It will ship for FREE and comes in a nice display case.