12.33 Gram California Gold Nugget (SOLD)

12.33 Gram California Gold Nugget (SOLD)
Item# Z505

Product Description

This nugget is interesting... it has some damage that looks like its been hit with a shovel. At first I thought that the prospector who recently found it this summer with a metal detector had accidentally hit it with his pick... but he assured me that he didn't, and looking at the nugget closely it doesn't seem to have been done recently. This was found in an old ground sluicing operation near Grass Valley, California, and we're thinking that one of the old-timers probably hit it with their shovel while digging down to bedrock long ago, and just barely missed it. An interesting find for sure! Since its not in perfect condition, I'm pricing this one closer to spot price. Still a very bright and beautiful nugget. It weighs 12.33 grams.

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