13 Gems and Minerals You Can Find in the Desert Southwest

The Southwest is one of the best places on earth to search for gems and minerals!

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13 Gems and Minerals You Can Find in the Desert Southwest is packed with locations where a variety of valuable minerals and gemstones have been discovered. There are still many undiscovered mineral deposits out there just waiting for someone to go out and find them!

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Right now you can purchase this awesome resource for rockhounds and mineral collectors for the low price of just $7, regularly $12. Think about how much money you spend on gas these days just driving into the hills and you will realize that $7 is a heck of a deal! It takes a look at where the following minerals have been discovered:

*Turquoise *Opal *Jade *Amethyst *Jasper *Beryl *Peridot *Azurite *Malachite *Fossils *Tourmaline *Wulfenite *Vanadinite!

30-day Guarantee! We know that this guide will help you search for minerals in the Southwest. If for any reason you are not satisfied, we will gladly give a full refund. We offer this 30-day guarantee because we know that this eBook will help you research areas to search for gems and minerals!

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