14.62 Gram California Gold Nugget (SOLD)

14.62 Gram California Gold Nugget (SOLD)
Item# zz879

Product Description

This spectacular gold nugget was just found by a prospector using a metal detector in Shasta County, California. The pictures tell the story... literally every side of this piece offers something amazing to look at. It is ROUGH and COARSE textured "pocket gold" that was found right at the sources, so it hasn't been smoothed out by erosion like most gold nuggets. It is a nice chunky raw nugget that weighs just under 1/2 an ounce! 14.62 grams to be exact... A rare piece of pocket gold from a very desirable location. The Indian head penny in the photo is for size reference. It will ship for FREE and comes in a nice display case. If you are looking for a rare piece of gold don't pass this one up!

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