1.36 Troy Oz. Alaskan Gold Nugget (SOLD)

1.36 Troy Oz. Alaskan Gold Nugget (SOLD)
Item# Z885

Product Description

Here is a seriously nice chunky of Alaskan gold! This big gold nugget was found recently at a mine near Fairbanks, Alaska. It is nice and heavy in the hand, with a somewhat flattened shape that gives it a nice sized surface area that shows displays well. It weighs 1.36 troy ounces or 42.34 grams. It has a very small amount of host rock that is down in the grooves on one side which would only account for a negligible amount of the total weight. I considered doing some cleaning to remove the rock, but I kind of like the "roughness" of this big ol' Alaskan nugget, so I kept it the way it is fresh out of the ground.

Due to the value of this piece, new customers will need to make payment by cashier's check or wire transfer. Send me an email if you are interested in this dandy nugget.

This nugget will ship for FREE and comes in a nice display case.