22 Pound Russian Gold Nugget

22 Pound Russian Gold Nugget
Huge Russian Gold found in the Summer of 2017

Although there have certainly been some big gold nuggets found in Russia over the years, we donít hear about most of them. Lots of Russian gold gets smelted down and is never seen by outsiders.

The Devilís Ear Nugget got some attention a few years ago. It was quite the discovery and one of the bigger pieces of gold to be found (that we know of) in Russia in recent years weighing over 14 pounds.

That was quite the discovery, but this recent find is even more impressive!

A 22-pound solid gold nugget was recently found by miners in remote Eastern Russia. This piece of gold is truly a once-in-a-lifetime discovery!


Where it Was Found


This amazing nugget was found in remote Eastern Russia at Zamanchivy Creek in Khaborovsk Territory. This is a place that likely has more bears than people! It borders China near the Pacific Ocean.

While there isnít a lot of information about mining in this region it certainly is known to have some gold, and this likely isnít the only big nugget to be found here.


The Discovery


The information about this discovery is relatively vague. Apparently a worker was moving tailing piles will heavy equipment when the nugget was spotted among the rocks.

I wouldnít be surprised if it was actually found with a metal detector in the tailing piles, but that is purely speculation. Either way, it is an impressive and spectacular gold nugget!

What is likely to happen to this nugget? That isnít entirely clear. I would hope that the nugget will remain intact and wont be melted down. There are some wealth Russians who would probably like to add this amazing nugget to their collection of valuables, so I expect it will remain intact in someones private collection.

I heard it said once that ďall Russian gold goes to Putin.Ē

While that may not be entirely true, I expect this impressive nugget will stay within Russiaís borders.