$25 Gold Displays

With the value of gold at record highs in recent years, we realize that even a small gold nugget is a big investment for some people. We have gotten many requests over the years for some smaller gold that is more affordable than the other nuggets that we have listed on the website. What we decided to do is package some gold dust, "pickers", and small nuggets individually in their own display and price them all at a flat rate of $25 each. Since all nuggets are unique the weights will vary slightly on each order, but each will weigh at least 0.25 grams. The perfect size for birthday and Christmas gifts, or just a little pinch of gold for your personal stash.

Alaska Gold Dust
Regular price: $25.00
Sale price: $21.00
Alaskan Gold Pickers
Regular price: $25.00
Sale price: $22.00
Please understand that the photos below are examples of what you will receive. Generally we never use stock photos, but since these are fairly inexpensive and they have high turnover, it's not cost effective for us to photograph each individual one. Rest assured that we hand select everything we sell, so you will be happy with your order.

You will receive ONE display per order. Photos are examples, but very similar to what you will receive. They will come in the nice black display cases as shown.

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