28.91 Gram California Gold Nugget (SOLD)

28.91 Gram California Gold Nugget (SOLD)
Item# X525

Product Description

Here is an exceptionally nice gold nugget from Northern California. This amazing piece was recovered with a metal detector several years ago. It still has some small pieces of quartz attached to it and has the original patina with light iron staining. It has not been cleaned, so it still has the natural patina that most collectors prefer. Nice chunky gold nuggets like this one don't come along very often, especially one's that have this much "eye appeal". It weighs just a bit under an ounce at 28.91 grams, or ~0.93 troy oz.

Due to it's high value, payment must be by cashier's check or wire transfer. Contact us if you would like to buy this beautiful nugget.

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