33.69 Gram Australia Gold Nugget - Victoria (SOLD)

33.69 Gram Australia Gold Nugget - Victoria (SOLD)
Item# zz719

Product Description

Origin: The "Golden Triangle", Victoria, Australia
Weight: 33.69 Grams / 1.08 Troy Ounce

Here is a beautiful chunky gold nugget just unearthed in the goldfields of Victoria, Australia. It comes from within the "Golden Triangle" a region that has produced some of the largest gold nuggets in the world including the Welcome Stranger. and the Hand of Faith.

This nugget is a fine 1+ ounce piece of raw natural gold from one of the most famous mining regions on Earth. While nuggets like this may have been abundant during the first gold rush to the area, pieces of this size are hard to find today. It will make a fantastic addition to any serious mineral collection. It will ship for FREE and comes in a nice display case.

*Due to the value of this nugget, I ask that new customers send payment by certified check or wire transfer. Contact me if you are interested in owning this beautiful gold nugget and we can work out the payment details.