37.93 Gram California Gold Quartz - Siskiyou County (SOLD)

37.93 Gram California Gold Quartz - Siskiyou County (SOLD)
Item# zz905

Product Description

This gorgeous specimen was found by a prospector in the Klamath Mountains of Northern California. As you can see, this is some truly high-grade ore! There is gold throughout the piece with small bits popping out of all sides, but most of the gold is exposed as a thick sheet running across one side. It displays beautifully and is large enough that you can set it on the shelf without risk of losing it. The total weight of the specimen is well over an ounce, at 37.93 grams. I did a specific gravity test on it and determined there is approximately 14.5 grams of gold within the specimen. Shipping is free in the USA to the smart buyer who adds this amazing piece to their collection.

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