38.30 Gram California Gold Nugget (SOLD)

38.30 Gram California Gold Nugget (SOLD)
Item# z116

Product Description

This is an amazing gold nugget that weighs over 1 troy ounce. It was found a few years ago by a prospector in Plumas County, California. It has remained in his personal collection until now. This nugget was recovered from an ancient elevated river channel located high above the existing waterline. It weighs 38.30 grams, or 1.23 troy Ounces. Note the interesting inclusions in the grooves of this nugget are an impacted reddish/brown clay material from millions of years buried within the ancient river channel. This could easily be removed with a mild acid, but we feel it adds some character and uniqueness to the piece.

Due to the value, payment must be by cashiers check or wire transfer. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing this awesome "lump" of natural gold!

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