46.70 Gram Alaska Gold Nugget (SOLD)

46.70 Gram Alaska Gold Nugget (SOLD)
Item# n34

Product Description

Origin: Fairbanks, Alaska
Weight: 1.50 Troy oz./46.70 Grams

This beautiful gold nugget was recently found at a placer mine outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. This is a heavy thick nugget that weighs 1.5 troy ounces and it really feels great in your hand!

Looking at the photos you will see that one side has some really nice natural iron staining from spending millions of years sitting on bedrock in an ancient river channel. This could easily be removed with a mild acid, but I much prefer to keep it natural and leave those natural iron stains just as they are!

The penny in the photo is for size reference only. It will ship for FREE and comes in a nice display case.

*Please Note: Due to the Value of this piece, payment need to be made by either cashier's check or wire transfer. Contact us directly if you would like to own this beautiful nugget!