Coin/Relic Hunting with the Garrett AT Pro

Since 1964, Garrett has produced some very incredible and amazing metal detectors for various purposes. They have basically conquered the list of Ďmust-haveí metal detectors, with their wide range of categories and the incredible features they have to offer for coin, relic, and gold detecting.

For hobby treasure hunters, Garrett makes the well-known ACE series and AT series which have easily become two of the most popular series of detectors for treasure hunters worldwide. The ACE series is more basic and much less expensive, but for the serious detectorist, the AT series is best.

Some of these metal detectors have similar features, but the Garrett AT Pro is a bit different in regards of its design and features. AT Pro is an all-terrain type of metal detector and can be used for any terrain starting including highly mineralized grounds.

The AT Pro has a High-Resolution Iron Discrimination mode. This mode allows the user to adjust the level of iron discrimination. The level can be from zero (no iron discrimination) to 40 (maximum iron discrimination).

Iron metals can sometimes mask a good target signal, but, too much of discrimination can possibly make the user skip out on the good targets. One of the tips to use this mode, is to not use it in areas with high concentrations of iron, otherwise, it may produce too many signals. If in the normal mode, the detector receives a target signal, switch on the iron mode to make sure if itís a prospective metal or just a false signal.

It also offers the Pro Audio Mode. This mode is basically when the loudness of the targetís response is directly proportional to the targetís signal strength. This means that in this mode the detector will be able to recover more information about the target, for example the targetís size, depth, shape, etc. It is recommended for use in areas where the prospective metals are all scattered in the trash because it even offers much faster speed for separating adjacent targets. In the Standard mode, the audio response will be one strong signal for the two adjacent targets, however, in the pro mode, there will peaks of audio response for the user to be able to recognize different targets.

AT Pro provides the Digital Target ID. Itís a system that allows the user to precisely identify different targets. Targets are basically identified by numbers starting from 1 to 99. The items near 1 are basically metals like iron, steel, etc. The ones that are near 99 are most likely thick silver or gold.

There are also distinct noises for the range of numbers. The low-tone is basically for highly ferrous metals, medium-tone are for thin targets like jewelry, coins and the high-tone is for the highly non-ferrous metals. It is important for the user to keep in mind that, in the Pro Mode, the audio depth might exceed the target ID (that is, it wonít provide any number when detecting very deeply buried targets).

Other unique features of AT Pro is that its very lightweight, so it can easily be used hours of prospecting with very little fatigue.

From hot-rocks to salt water, the AT Pro can or can be adjusted according to any ground conditions. Its ability to work in a variety of different conditions is why the AT Pro is one of the most popular detectors on the market today. It is even waterproof up to 10 feet deep, allowing the user to search areas that were once out of reach to most other detectors.

With all the amazing features it provides, AT Pro has definitely made its mark in the metal detecting industry. It is one of the best coin and relic detectors on the market today and is a great choice in many situations, from coin hunting at the park to relic hunting in old mining camps throughout the West.

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