Detailed Shipping Instructions


To sell us your gold nuggets, follow these steps....

1. CONTACT US FIRST! - Do not send us your gold without emailing us first. Email us some pictures of your gold nugget collection and we will confirm whether or not we are interested in buying your collection. We will discuss the terms and prices we will offer.

2. SHIP US YOUR GOLD- We highly recommend shipping with the Post Office, USPS Express or USPS Registered. We have shipped our expensive packages this way for several years and have been very happy with this method. It's quick and it's safe. Remember, it is your responsibility to get your gold to us, so please get full insurance on the package, as well as a tracking number and signature confirmation on the package.

3. EMAIL US WITH TRACKING INFO- Within 24 hours of shipping the package, email us with the tracking number on the package. At that time, we will "LOCK-IN" the buy price based on the spot price of gold ( We buy gold at a certain % of spot price, so we will lock-in the exact price that we base our offer at the time your email is sent.

4. RECIEVE AND PAYMENT- When we recieve your package, we will authenticate the gold nuggets, weight them, and calculate the exact price offered. We will then email you our offer and upon your approval we will get a check sent within 48 hours (usually takes less than 24 hrs).

Any additional questions, don't hesitate to Contact Us!