Do Gold Nuggets Still Exist?

Do Gold Nuggets Still Exist?
That question might seem silly to an experienced gold prospector, but you’d be surprised how often I hear that question.

It’s actually a common question from folks unfamiliar with mining. When I tell people that I like to prospect for gold they are often surprised that people still do! They assume that gold mining is a thing of the past.

The truth is the average person just hasn’t given it much thought. Folks who don’t spend much time in the outdoors simply don’t think about it. They assume that the old-timers already found all the gold.

Of course, that is hardly the case. So the answer is an emphatic YES, there is still plenty of gold out there being found every day. And while most often that gold is small gold “dust,” you can still find gold nuggets from time to time.

Now it is certainly fair to say that it is much, much harder to find gold nowadays than it was during the gold rush days. The early miners that first arrived in the goldfields got the easy-pickings. During the height of the gold rush across the West, it wasn’t unheard of for men to find ounces, even pounds of gold in a day.

Today, even with motorized equipment, a day of hard labor might turn up a gram of gold. Most modern prospectors would consider that to be a GOOD DAY.

I have found some nice nuggets with my metal detector over the years. Sometimes I would spend several days with nothing to show for my effort. Then I would hear that lovely “wee-ooo” sound from my detector and moments later a chunky gold nugget was sitting in my hand. This sort of thing still happens.

Of course, we also buy and sell gold nuggets every day, and work directly with men who are actively placer mining in places like Arizona, California, Idaho, Oregon and Alaska. They are finding gold every year.

Yes, gold nuggets still exist, and there are still nuggets buried underground that have not yet been found.

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