Gold in Louisiana

Gold in Louisiana
Gold prospecting in Louisiana is fairly unproductive. Small amounts of placer gold can be recovered, but nearly all of the gold recovered will be extremely fine flour gold. Gold has not been found in quantities to interest commercial endeavors, but small-scale gold prospectors can find a bit of gold if they are persistent.

Most of the documented gold discoveries in Louisiana are in the central part of the state. Check out the creeks around Natchitoches. There are reports of fine flour gold in found in abandoned gravel pits in the Catahoula Parish.

One of the better known areas to find gold is to the west, near the town of Jena at Hemps Creek. Due to the low concentrations of gold present in this area, it will probably be best to use some larger equipment such as sluice boxes, high bankers, or even dredges to help you process larger amounts of potential gold bearing gravel. Panning will recover gold, but will limit the amount of material that you can process at a time.

Just be careful that your equipment is set up to maximize efficiency and retain as fine of gold as possible. Donít expect to find large gold nuggets, or even picker sized gold. Almost all reports of gold in Louisiana say that the recoveries are extremely fine.

There is an active GPAA club in central Louisiana. Anyone interested in gold prospecting in the state are encouraged to contact your local clubs, they can really help beginners get started off on the right foot.

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Although not placer gold, there is actually quite a bit of gold in Louisiana that is believed to be scattered on the beaches, shallow estuaries, and rivers near the Gulf of Mexico. Left behind by the many pirate ships that once ventured through the area, it was common for ships to stay near the coastline, using natural landmarks to navigate their way.

Bad storms and hurricanes hit more than a few of these ships, breaking apart their hull and scattering their plunders. Often this was gold and silver coins along with other valuable relics. Much of this is still waiting to be found by a treasure hunter. So donít just limit your search for gold to placer gold in the rivers and streams. Louisianaís treasures are abundant; you just have to know what to look for.