Gold in Mississippi

Gold in Mississippi
Gold prospecting opportunities are pretty slim in Mississippi. Placer gold has been found in many of the creeks and rivers throughout the state, but no more than just a tiny bit of flour gold here and there. There have never been any commercial gold mining operations in Mississippi, and most recreational prospectors have had a difficult time finding more than a few specks. As far as specific locations, there is limited information, mainly due to the overall lack of success by most prospectors in Mississippi.

Mississippi gold miners would be well advised to do some prospecting in your neighboring state of Alabama. Gold was originally discovered in 1830, and mining has taken place since then. The area that is most productive is in an area southeast of Birmingham, along the border with Georgia. Gold has been found here as both placer and lode deposits, and many large nuggets have been found. This gold bearing area is only a few hours from Mississippi, and is certain to be a more productive location to go prospecting.

If I were to search for gold in Mississippi, I wouldn’t be panning for small specks of gold in the creeks; I would be exploring the beaches along the Gulf of Mexico for the numerous pirate treasures that are believed to be buried there. People often think of pirates as characters in movies, but it is a fact that several centuries ago, the Gulf of Mexico was teeming with pirates, who robbed and plundered merchant ships.

There are well documented reports of gold and treasure buried along the beaches near the mouth of the Mississippi River, and throughout the general areas. Valuable coins and relics are still found along the beaches, washed ashore from the many ancient ship wrecks in the gulf.

There are plenty of other treasures to be found in Mississippi. Fossil hunting is a very popular pastime in the state, where fantastic specimens have been recovered. Whale skeletons have been found that date back over 50 million years. Agates and other mineral can also be found in the state. When the water level starts to drop on the Mississippi River, check out the newly exposed gravel bars for all sorts of hidden treasure. And what the heck, while you are there you might as well bring a gold pan and search for some gold, just in case. Happy hunting!

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