Gold in Hawaii

Gold in Hawaii
Unfortunately, Hawaii does not have any confirmed reports of placer gold. You could try to pan the creeks or beach sands in search of placer gold, but the chances of finding any gold is very slim. We would recommend a nearby area to search, except you are in Hawaii, so there really aren’t any areas “nearby”, except for the Pacific Ocean. If you are limited to Hawaii and really want a gold nugget, we would recommend that you check out, where we would be happy to sell you a nice nugget to add to your collection.

Rather than gold prospecting, your might try metal detecting the beaches near ritzy resorts, where there is certainly some nice expensive jewelry awaiting discovery. You could also research one of the many treasure tales that exists on the island.

We are so sorry that Hawaii doesn’t have any placer gold. Hopefully the fact that you live on a tropical island, with lush jungles, sandy beaches, breathtaking waterfalls, and a limitless supply of beautiful women in bikinis will be of some comfort to you.

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