Gold Mining Mistakes - Don't be THAT GUY!

Beginners make a lot of mistakes (which is not unexpected). You just need to make sure that your mistakes donít end up costing a lot of money.

As you are learning to become a successful gold miner you will be tempted to do things that will be a mistake. Here are a few thoughts regarding common mining mistakes. I hope they help you avoid making your own.

  • So many newbie gold prospectors think that buying a mining claim is the first step toward being a gold mining. NO! Buying a claim is the last step! In fact, I know several highly successful gold prospectors who have NEVER owned a mining claim at all. They are PROSPECTORS, always on the search for gold. Once they locate a gold deposit, they mine it quickly (usually using a metal detector and dry washer), and then move on.

  • Hard rock mines are very expensive to operate. If you are buying a claim simply because thereís a ďhole in the groundĒ and you think it follows a vein you are likely to be disappointed. It was abandoned for a reason. It may be completely played-out, or it may be of low value.

  • Avoid any sort of handshake agreement. If you are buying a claim, then you need to understand how they work and legally what you are purchasing. You want to make sure you own it outright. Prospectors often get into a lot of trouble by making agreements by handshake and not getting things in a written contract.

  • Be careful about going too big, too quickly. People get stars in their eyes when it comes to gold mining and Iíve seen people commit tens of thousands of dollars to an operation with little or no reason other than a dream. Learn to walk before you run. Donít invest thousands into a gold claim or any type of mining operation without first learning the basics.

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  • Along the same lines as above, one of the biggest mistakes someone can make is to disregard the knowledge of experts. Usually this happens when they are blinded with a dream of finding gold, and as a result common sense completely goes out the window. A person with no mining experience will ignore advice from someone whoís been doing it for 50 years! Donít be that person.

  • The dream of gold can blind some people. Donít expect to become a full-time miner. Very, very few people are able to make a living from gold mining. And certainly not beginners.

  • Sometimes beginners will buy a claim and assume they own the property. Not so! A mining claim grants you exclusive rights to the miners, but it isnít private property. You canít prevent others from camping or using the property. Donít put up ďNo TrespassingĒ signs. The land isnít private and you donít own it.

  • If you are a beginner and have thought about getting serious about gold mining, I hope this article was helpful. Use common sense and move slowly toward your goals. Anyone can be a successful gold miner, but you need to make sure you donít make mistakes that will hinder your progress toward your goal.

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