Gold Prospecting with the Garrett AT Max

In 2017, Garrett, one of the leading brands of metal detector, introduced its newest and most advanced all-terrain model, the AT Max. It contains most of the best features from the AT Pro and AT Gold, with some significant improvements.

When it comes to durability, the AT Max is even more rugged than its older brothers (or sisters). It is an all-terrain detector that can stand up to the some of the roughest conditions. Dust and humidity are no problem due to the legitimately weatherproof design. The AT Max can be used over all sorts of terrain and soil types. It is not just limited to dry land. The AT Max can even be used underwater.

Some of the most impressive improvements in the AT Max when compared to the AT Pro include:


The Convenience of Wireless Technology


Garrett’s wireless Z-Lynk technology is a dramatic improvement in convenience. Instead of tripping over your headphone cords or getting them tangled around obstacles, Garrett’s wireless headphones are a breeze. Not only is this technology much easier to use, there is no transmission delay, which has always been a problem with wireless headphones. Now you will hear the signal while your detector is still over the target.


Increased Search Depth


Greater power and improved electronic components have given the AT Max greater search depth. This advantage will allow you to find valuable objects which were missed by other hunters who were using inferior equipment.


True All-Weather Performance Including Underwater Ability


The weather doesn’t keep the mailman from his appointed rounds, and it should stop you from metal detecting either! Dust, rain, or even snow will not deter the AT Max. Dry land is not even necessary, as the AT Max is able to operate underwater (although you should not submerge it in saltwater).


Convenient Backlight


Another very useful convenience of the AT Max is a backlight. Instead of being limited by daylight or fumbling with a head lamp to see your unit in the dark, the display is lit by the detector itself.


Optimized Frequency


An initial operating frequency of 13.6 kHz, which is a good frequency for all sorts of targets, including coins and relics. However, this frequency is adjustable, when you are experiencing interference from power lines or nearby detectorists.


Improved Ground Balance


Both automatic and manual ground balancing, which will help you hunt in mineralized soil conditions and even saltwater beaches. The detector will automatically adjust for changes in mineralization, or you can change the balance manually.


Search Modes


The AT Max features four search modes including the true all-metal mode, a custom mode, coins and zero discrimination mode.


Compatible Coils


If you have any other Garrett AT metal detectors, the same coils work on all models.


Larger Display


Bigger display numbers are another plus, making things easier on your eyes.

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Threshold Adjustment


The AT Max has an adjustable threshold, which is convenient if you have trouble hearing softer, fainter targets above the hum of the machine.


Good for Gold?


Most reviewers cite the AT Max ability to locate small gold nuggets lower-frequency detectors miss as a major plus. The increased search depth provided by greater power and improved electronics is also an advantage when searching for gold. Since gold is often found in mineralized soil, the AT Max improved ground balance can be particularly important.

The ability to switch between different search modes will always improve your chances of finding gold, since it can easily be in either coins or nuggets.