The Major Goldfields
Large Gold Nugget Discoveries of Australia

Did you know that nearly ALL of the world's largest gold nuggets have been found in Australia?

Do you want to learn more about the areas where gold can still be found?

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The Major Goldfields and Gold Nugget Discoveries of Australia outlines the known locations where gold has been found within the states of:

New South Wales ~ Northern Territory ~ South Australia ~ Queensland ~ Tasmania ~ Victoria ~ Western Australia

Some spectacular nuggets are still being found!

A 5.5 kilogram nugget was found in Victoria in 2013.

A 23.26 kilogram nugget was found in Western Australia in 2010.

The old-timers did NOT find it all!

This eBook includes an extensive look at the historical gold-bearing areas in Australia. Hundreds of rich gold districts are mentioned in this eBook that have all produced gold in the past, and will lead you to places that you can go and find gold today!

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This eBook includes these great resources to help you in your search for gold:

A detailed breakdown of gold-bearing areas throughout Australia!

Information about where some of Australia's largest gold nuggets were found!

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*This eBook has many locations where gold has been found in Australia. Please understand that many of these places may currently be on private lands, active mining areas, or within areas of special regulations. It is the readers responsibility to ensure that they are in an area open to prospecting. This content of this eBook is for informational purposes only.

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