Metal Detecting for Gold

Expert tips for finding gold nuggets with your metal detector

Metal detecting is one of the BEST ways to find gold nuggets!

And there are still THOUSANDS of gold nuggets out there waiting to be unearthed.

Our new 68-page eBook tells you how to do it!

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Metal Detecting for Gold – Expert tips for finding gold nuggets with your metal detector gives you a comprehensive look at what it takes to consistently find gold with a metal detector. Very few prospectors today can find gold on a consistent basis. They may get lucky and find a piece of gold once in a while, but becoming truly skilled at this type of prospecting takes research, skill, and perseverance!

Our eBook guides you through the process of being a successful nuggetshooter. It covers:

                  Different types of gold detectors

                  The “best” detectors for finding nuggets

                  Proper search coil selection and use

                  Important gear and accessories for your adventure

                  Research tips to find areas to prospect at home

                  Natural and manmade evidence that indicate gold is near

                  Properly setting up and learning to use your detector

                  Challenges you will encounter out in the goldfields

                  Target recovery tips and techniques

This eBook provides the foundation that every serious nugget hunter should have. Follow the advice and principles found in this report and you will be well on your way to joining an elite group of detectorists who are consistently exploring gold country and unearthing spectacular gold nuggets!

We are confident that this eBook will help you in your search for gold. If for any reason you are not satisfied, we will gladly give you a full refund. No questions. We offer this 30-day guarantee because we know that the contents of this book will make you a better gold hunter!

Finding gold nuggets with a metal detector is truly one of the last great adventures there is. And with the quality detectors on the market today, plus the high price of gold, there really is no better time to learn how to find gold with a metal detector!

It is often said that 90% of the gold is found by 10% of prospectors.

Do you want to be part of that group?

Learn How to Find Gold Nuggets with a Metal Detector

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* This content of this eBook is for informational purposes only. It is each individual’s responsibility to ensure that they are in an area that is legally open to prospecting.

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