The Normandy Nugget

The Normandy Nugget
The world’s 2nd largest existing gold nugget is the Normandy Nugget. It was discovered in 1995 in a dry creek bed near Kalgoorlie, Australia. This area is a well know gold bearing region that has produced many large gold nuggets over the years.

The Normandy Nugget currently ranks as the 26th largest gold nugget ever unearthed. Unfortunately, most of the largest nuggets ever found in history have been melted for their gold content, resulting in its current ranking as the 2nd largest in existence today, only slightly smaller than the Hand of Faith nugget. It weighs 819 troy ounces, and measures approximately 11 inches by 8 inches.

Its melt value alone makes it worth well over 1 million dollars in gold value. Valued as the rare and collectable specimen that it is, it would most likely bring several times that price if sold today.

The Normandy Nugget is currently owned by the Newmont Mining Corporation. The nugget has been on display at museums around the world, including Tokyo and Colorado. It is currently on a long-term loan to the Perth Mint in Western Australia and is on display to the public along with many other large Australian gold nuggets. It is one of the finest gold collections in the world and certainly worth a visit.

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