The Minelab Gold Monster 1000

The Minelab Gold Monster 1000 is an intricate, but still easy to use the metal detector.

In fact, usability was the main goal when Minelab designed this detector.

It operates using VLF technology which has been widely used in the metal detector industry for years. The simplicity of this metal detector is the thing that makes it a great option. No unnecessary adjustments are required and the full automation will allow it to adapt to almost any environment.

Beginners in the world of gold prospecting should really consider this detector. It may be the most user-friendly detector on the market today, but that’s not all it offers. Gold hunters are finding that its ability to handle hot rocks and mineralized ground is unmatched compared to other VLF detectors.


Key Specifications:


Best Use: Gold prospecting

Length: 37.2-54.4 inches

Frequency: 45 kHz

Weight: 2.93lbs (inclusive of a 5×10 DD coil)

Coil: Two coils (5×10 DD and 5 DD)

Power supply: 8 AA batteries or 1 lithium ion

Noise cancel: Automatic

Sensitivity adjustment: Both Manual and Automatic

Ground Balance: Automatic

Display: Monochrome, LCD


Key Features:


The Minelab Gold Monster 1000 is fully adjustable, yet the entire design is fully automated and no additional time needs to be spent on adjusting it for sensitivity. It really is a turn-on-and-go detector.

Two coils have been included which can be used in different terrains. Both of these coils work on the frequency of 45 kHz and this frequency and metal detector has already proven to be competitive with the high-frequency metal detectors like the Gold Bug 2.

Traveling should not be an issue as the metal detector can simply disassemble in just a few easy steps and this will also be the same way that it needs to be adjusted for shorter and taller individuals.

This metal detector has been widely marketed for those lesser explored territories in Africa and the Middle East, but it will be right at home in the United States too.




The metal detector features multiple settings, but since there is no need for things like ground balancing, these buttons have been removed. This simply drops weight and allows the individual to simply turn it on and start detecting.

The sensitivity can be manually adjusted if needed, this is the same for the noise reduction, but the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 automatically adjusts these settings as well. Many prospectors in countries like Africa and the Middle East have complained that they don’t like these adjustment and customizable settings, to which this gold detector has been developed to eliminate those problems.


Finding gold with VLF Technology:


VLF technology is designed to allow the prospector to search for gold in those high mineralized environments. The average coin detector won’t work very well in the goldfields though. It takes a specialized detector like the Gold Monster 1000 to handle these challenging soils.

It brings a great balance between finding those smaller gold nuggets and having a stable searching experience in those mineralized environments.

Sensitivity might be one of the main concerns when prospecting in such places and even though this is automatically adjusted, many people have still had their problems. The Minelab Gold Monster 1000 allows prospectors to manually adjust the sensitivity if they choose, getting the best possible results when prospecting.


Ease of use:


One place this metal detector does excel in is the ease of use category. Since it can be fully adjusted to meet most needs of prospectors, there should not be any problems here. Breaking down the metal detector is easy and can be done in a couple of minutes. The larger coil will also be really effective when prospecting out in the open, while the smaller coil can easily be fitted for those tight and narrow spaces.

The control system is quite basic and by playing around with it for a while before starting, there should not be any hassles in terms of knowing how the adjustment settings are working. The design is very lightweight and should not be too heavy to carry, while the batteries can easily be changed on the go.




• 45 kHz is the perfect low frequency for prospecting gold. The frequency is not too heavy and it will mostly focus on getting and directing the individual towards the gold.

• No additional adjustments mean that there are not intricacies that need to be compensated for. The gold detector will automatically adjust to the environment, but the manual adjustment is also possible.

• This gold detector is extremely lightweight and it can easily be disassembled, which means that there should not be any troubles when it comes to carrying it around. The prospecting time will also be increased.

• If you are looking for a cheap alternative to many of the high-frequency alternatives, this gold detector will be a great buy. The gold detector can be snapped up for less than $800.




• This Gold Monster 1000 is not that good for anything besides prospecting gold. Looking for coins might not be ideal and users should keep focusing on the gold

• Using the detector at night is not that easy and with no backlight on the screen, prospectors will have a tough time finding things in the dark. This does hinder the versatility a little.

• Another thing we think should be better is the ability to show the depth, although to be fair, there are no gold detectors that will do with any reliability.

• The lack of searching deep is another disadvantage, and while gold might be hidden deeper in the ground; the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 cannot go more than a foot or so underground.


Our Verdict:


Beginners will enjoy the effectiveness and the learning curve that the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 has to offer. The cheaper price will be very appealing, but it does lack some features that are present in the more expensive Minelab metal detectors.

There are both beginners and experts who will like this detector. While it is certainly usable for the beginner, it also seems to have advancements that make it a superior gold detector in general in comparison to previous VLF models.

Although it hasn’t been out for long, the Gold Monster 1000 is proving to be a new favorite among many hardcore gold prospectors.

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