Public Crystal Mining Sites in Arkansas

There are quite a few pay-to-dig mines in Arkansas where you can search for a variety of minerals. Arkansas is well-known for having the only diamond mine in the United States. There are also some exceptionally large quartz crystals that you can dig here.

Below are some commercial mines operating in Arkansas that will allow you to explore their property for a small fee. For specific information and details about costs, days and hours of operation, etc., do a quick Google search and check out their individual websites.

Board Camp Crystal Mine

The Board Camp Crystal Mine is located about 10 miles East of Mena within the Ouachita National Forest and on the pristine Ouachita mountains in the Polk County, Arkansas. You can camp, explore, and dig up the sparkly crystal quartz and other minerals. The mine was first discovered in 2008 and was open to the public in 2012.

The mine is easily be accessed. It offers a lot of other non-mining activities as well such a camping, nature viewing, hiking and picnicking opportunities. So if you want a variety of outdoor activities, then this is a good mine to visit in Arkansas.

Clear Creek Crystal Mine

If you want to get world-class quartz crystal in Arkansas, then you need to find your way to the Clear Creek Crystal Mine located in Mount Ida. You can now enjoy your time exploring new things, digging up crystals and cleaning creek crystals. If you would like venturing out on yourself to explore the creek crystals, then you will enjoy visiting this mine in the Ouachita National Forest.

Crater of Diamonds State Park

This is a public diamond mine and park in Pike County, Arkansas. This Arkansas State Park has ground that is occasionally plowed which helps renew the diamond mine and expose new crystals to prospectors. It is the only diamond-bearing field open to the public in the world.

Although diamond has been found in the field since 1906, it was declared a state park in 1972. You can now enjoy hiking, digging up diamond and camping in the park. Some of the diamonds that have been found here are large and of exceptional quality.

Crystal Seen Trading Co.

The Crystal Seen Trading Co. is located in the beautiful and quartz crystal rich Mount Ida. If can get yourself a wide variety of amazingly beautiful crystals, gemstones, minerals, jewelry and a host other gifts. You will also learn about important minerals and crystals found in the mountains. So if you love collecting crystals, then you should consider visiting them. You may also check out their amazing dig your own crystal mine and have a go at getting yourself beautiful gifts for loved ones.

Dixie Crystal Mining Co.

The Dixie Crystal Mining Co. operates a beautiful crystal mine when you can come enjoy digging up and cleaning beautiful stones. Set up in the beautiful Mount Ida, Arkansas, the Dixie Crystal Co. supply the wonderful Arkansas quartz crystals and also a host of great healing minerals and gemstones from around the world. So if you love collecting beautiful quartz crystal and other valuable gemstones, then consider visiting the Dixie Crystal Mining Co.

Jim Coleman Crystals

The Jim Coleman crystals mine is located about 16 miles north of Hot Springs in Arkansas. This mine is open to the public all year round thus making it great for frequent crystal miners. You can also visit the family owned Jim Coleman Rock shop that supply numerous beautiful and interesting quartz crystals and other amazing rocks. The Jim Coleman Crystals Mine has been the largest single producer of Arkansas quartz in the world since 1963.

Ron Coleman Mining

The Ron Coleman Mine is located in Jessieville, Arkansas. It has been one of the most popular hands-on Arkansas quartz mining sites for the past 30 years. Families and gemstones lovers from all over the United States visit the mine every day in search for the beautiful natural Arkansas quartz. Other than gems mining, there are quite a number of other fun activities that you can do at Ron Coleman Mining. You can visit the digging are and find your own gems, visit the gift shop for something exquisite and spend some wonderful time in the RV resort.

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Sweet Surrender Crystals

This amazing crystals mine is set in the famous Ouachita Mountains north of Mount Ida in Arkansas. This region is known for its wonderful quartz crystals. Visiting this mine, therefore, gives you a wonderful opportunity to discover amazing crystals that you can give out to your friends as gifts. The mine does not have a lot of facilities like other mines and thus it is important that you bring your own tools and wear the right gear for the job.

Wegner Crystal Mines

The Wegner Crystal Mines are located in the alluringly beautiful west central Arkansas within the Ouachita Mountains. They offer a wide variety of gemstones and thus great for groups or individual interested in a wide variety of stones. The most popular activities in these mines are searching the 40-acre crystal forest mine for your own crystals. You may also take part in searching for your own quartz crystals, rubies, topaz, diamonds, and clear phantom crystals.