Public Fossil Digging Sites in Wyoming

Wyoming is one of the best states in the U.S. to dig for fossils. A large variety of different fossils can be found ranging from plant specimens to fish to large dinosaurs! Below are three places where the public is allowed to come and take part in digs. Contact them directly for specific information about dates and costs.

Warfield Fossil Safari

Approximately 35 minutes northwest of Kemmerer, Wyoming is a rare quarry where a variety of different fossil specimens can be found. The species found here are from the Green River Foundation that dates from 40 to 60 million years old. Some of the best fish fossils in the world are recovered from this region of Wyoming.

The fossil safari is bound to be a truly unforgettable because of the quarry’s setting and the many different fossils to dig. You will only need to bring along what you will need for the fossils as all the digging equipment are available for all. Novices will be freely shown how to carefully excavate the critical matter and you must be come with your safety materials that include hats and gloves, a sunscreen and goggles.

The quarry is open during the summer months and is a rare opportunity for the public to dig for quality fossil specimens.

Ulrich’s Fossil Gallery

Ulrich’s Fossils offers another great opportunity to search for fossils from Wyoming’s Green River Foundation, which contains a variety of aquatic life that ranges as old as 60 million years. Several fish species can be found as well as various other forms of life including palms and other plant fossils.

You can dig for your own fossil specimens during the summer months. All tools are provided and you will have the opportunity to find and keep several complete fish fossils.

The showroom and displays at Ulrich’s Fossil Gallery are simply amazing; it’s that place where you will find all of them. Some of the fossil specimens here include some finely-kept fish fossil specimens, fossil preparation kits and even some extinct specimens collected around the many quarries.

Wyoming Dinosaur Center

One of the most unique experiences you can have in Wyoming is digging for real dinosaur bones from the Jurassic period!

A digging site has been set up at a location in the Wind River Canyon at Warm Springs Ranch, where visitors can help in the excavation process. The purpose of these excavations is to recover bones and skeletons that will eventually go on display at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center and other museums around the world.

The Wyoming Dinosaur Center recently obtained a specimen of the Thermopolis that had been in the private hands. Wyoming Dinosaur Center presents that excellent opportunity to view over 28 different mounted dinosaur fossils that include the earlier ones and the most recent.