Public Gold & Gem Mines in New England

There are several public mining areas in New England. A variety of different gems and minerals are found in this area, including gold. Below are some different pay-to-dig mines where you can search for your own gold and gems.


Coos Canyon Rock and Gift

One of the best locations to pan for gold, swim and picnic in Maine is along the Coos Canyon in Swift River. Unlike other popular mining sites that bring in panning gravels from other areas, Coos Canyon Rock and Gift offer on-site panning as well as along the Swift River and its tributaries. Additionally, the Coos Canyon Rock and Gift allows you to pan your gravel. You can bring your own gear, or rent or buy their panning equipment.

Maine Mineral Adventures

When it comes to gem mining in the US, Mt. Mica is the oldest gem mine that are still operating. The site is in fact, among the most visited with a large number of gemstones uncovered.

Some of the mineral that you are likely to find at this mine include quartz crystals, beryl, lepidolite among other rare stones. Maine Mineral Adventures in Paris, Maine offer affordable rate for both smaller and typical buckets of gravel. You can book a visit for an educational excursion with them too.

Maine Mineralogy Expeditions

For centuries, Maine’s Oxford County has been regarded as an unmatched location in its pegmatite formations, many precious stones as well as incredible mining trips. Maine Mineralogy Expeditions is known for rock climbing, mine trips, and mineral sluice as well as camping, kayaking, and other adventure activities. For an exclusive family or group outing they are a great choice.

Poland Mining Camps

At Poland Mining Camps, there are many gemstone collectors, geologist, and mineral enthusiasts that enjoy searching for the rare minerals in the pegmatite deposits. They are offering opportunities for the general public to enjoy world-class areas to search for gems.

New Hampshire

Ruggles Mine

The Ruggles Mine is an excellent open-pit, pay-to-dig mine that you can visit while exploring in New Hampshire. The mine is located at about 30 miles Northwest of Concord in Grafton. You can collect great specimens of over 150 minerals that include rose quartz, garnets, beryl, amethyst, mica, and smokey quartz among others. Other than digging for minerals you can also enjoy exploring the mine’s underground chambers and you may also enjoy site see in the stunning Isinglass Mountain.

Twin River Campground

Twin River Campground is a great place to do a bit of gold panning. Located along the wild New River, which has been very popular with gold panning for generations there a lot to do. The Twin River compound supplies you with all the important gold panning tools such as sieves and sluices among others.

You also get access to over a mile of the river, which has a generous amount of placer gold deposits that you can pan for.

New Jersey

The Sterling Hill Mining Museum

Once the site of the Sterling Hill zinc mine, this mine has now been turned into a mining museum that is open to the public. It provides a wonderful opportunities for visitors to learn about the local geology of the region. There are hundreds of tons of mine dump tailings here that you can explore and search for your very own minerals. Many of the ores contain fluorescent minerals that glow under UV light! This is a very unique mineral collecting experience in New England.

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