Gold in Oklahoma

Gold in Oklahoma
Gold is found in very small quantities in several locations in Oklahoma. For gold prospectors, two areas will have the highest odds of success. These are the Ouachita Mountains near the Arkansas border, and the Wichita Mountains in the southwestern part of the state.

Gold panning in the Ouachita Mountains has resulted in some very small scale gold discoveries.

Gold found here was left behind by receding glaciers, and is almost certainly going to be very small sized dust and flakes, rather than nuggets or specimens.

The Wichita Mountains have several reports of gold, but again you should expect to find only very small quantities. Although there was a very short lived gold rush here in the late 1800ís, this had more to do with speculation than any actual discoveries.

Nonetheless, small amounts of gold are present in parts of southwest Oklahoma. In Jackson County, the North Fork of Red River has produced some color, as well as Otter Creek.

Since gold here is extremely fine, be sure to use careful panning methods or it will be easy to lose the tiny pieces of placer gold out of your pan.

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