Metal Detecting for Gold

Metal detecting for gold nuggets can be one of the most fun (and profitable) ways to prospect for gold. There are still lots of gold nuggets being found with metal detectors today. It is a challenging hobby, but also very rewarding! These article will help you learn how to find gold with a detector.

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     Finding Gold with a Metal Detector

     Find a POUND of Gold Nuggets per Year!

     Tips for Successful Gold Detecting

     Metal Detecting for Gold Nuggets (Part 1)

     Metal Detecting for Gold Nuggets (Part 2)

     Metal Detecting for Gold Nuggets: Trash and Hot Rocks

     Finding Gold in Quartz Rock

     Finding Big Gold Nuggets

     Patch Hunting for Gold Nuggets

     Finding Crystalline Gold Specimens

     Nugget Shooting on Bedrock

     Small Gold Nuggets Add Up Quickly

     Prospecting Dredge Tailings with a Metal Detector

     How to Effectively Mine a Gold Nugget Patch

     Detecting for Underwater Gold Nuggets

     Gold Nugget Detecting: Should you Really Dig all Targets?

     5 of the Biggest Gold Nuggets found with Metal Detectors

     Sensitive Gold Detectors & Small Coils

     Specific Gold Detectors

     The BEST Gold Metal Detectors

     The Garrett ATX Metal Detector

     Fisher Gold Bug 2 vs. Fisher Gold Bug Pro

     Which Gold Metal Detector Goes the Deepest?

     5 of the Best Gold Detectors Under $800

     The Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector

     Finding Gold with the Minelab SDC 2300

     Finding Gold with the Minelab X-Terra 705

     Minelab Gold Detectors - 2016 Buyer's Guide

     Finding Gold Nuggets with the White's MXT

     Finding Gold with the Nokta Fors Gold+

     Finding Gold with the Makro Gold Racer

     Coin & Relic Hunting with the Garrett AT Pro

     Nugget Hunting with the Fisher F75

     Nugget Hunting with the Teknetics T2

     Nugget Hunting with the Minelab Gold Monster 1000

     Gold Nugget Prospecting with the Garrett AT Max

     Finding Gold with the Minelab Equinox 800